Spartan Sign Off Anti-Static All-Purpose Cleaner


Sign Off safely cleans soil and removes static electricity from glass, Plexiglas, plastic, and metal. This non-ammoniated, non-solvent formula will not haze or damage delicate and sensitive surfaces.


Spray Triggers are sold separately unless purchased in full case quantities.

(12 quarts per case with 2 spray triggers)

Product Description

Sign Off’s anti-static properties will clean and repel dust on TV screens, computer screens & copiers. Perfect for cleaning mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and glasses. Also excellent for use on stainless steel equipment by those in the health care profession especially in the dry, winter months when static electricity is a problem.


Sign Off also removes the “un-removable” shadow effect left behind from erasable ink markers used on white boards. The cleaner’s anti-static properties repel ink marker dust without the damaging effects.


Please see Documents and SDS tabs for more information.

Additional Information

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Purchase Options:

4 Pack, Case


Spartan_Sign_Off_CRT_Cleaner – SDS