Spartan Green Solutions Industrial Cleaner


A non-toxic, heavy-duty product, formulated to tackle difficult cleaning tasks. Created with a super surfactant cleaning system, this concentrate is engineered to quickly penetrate and remove petroleum-based soils such as motor oil, hydraulic fluid, grease, lubricant oils, etc. Perfect for cleaning your garage floor or anywhere else an extra cleaning power is needed.


Product Description

This industrial cleaner can also be diluted in a bottle for spray & wipe applications. It is fragrance free and neutral in color (no dye’s) making it one of the safest heavy duty cleaners on the market. Try it, you’ll like it! Dilution: 2-8 oz./gal.


Please see Documents and SDS tabs for more information.

Additional Information

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Gallon, Case




Sparatn-Green-Solutions-Industrial-Cleaner – SDS