Spartan Bloc-Aid Drain Cleaner


Bloc-Aid is a non-acid liquid drain and sewer cleaner plus maintainer. It is safe to use in garbage disposals, septic tanks and cesspools without harm to plumbing. This ready-to-use formula requires no mixing…simply pour into the drain.


WARNING: Please keep out of the reach children. This is one of only two “skull & crossbones” products that we sell and must be handled with extreme care.


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Product Description

A small amount of Bloc-Aid used regularly in free-flowing drains will help prevent common sludge build-ups of grease, fats, paper, tobacco, soap scum, toothpaste, etc., that cause drains to become slow and eventually cause clogs. (12 quarts per case)


Please see Documents and SDS Tabs for more information and instructions on how to properly use.

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