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Product Description

James is not only a classic with personality, but he’s also a very clever design based on genuinely thoughtful simplicity coupled with superb power and performance. Designed to do the job and do it well, wherever and whenever!


Accessories are to full professional size and specification… nothing skimped… nothing forgotten.


Big capacity, four wheel stability, giant filters coupled with HepaFlo bags gives you almost the best of everything, quick and efficient to use, simple to empty. James is light enough (12 lbs) and small enough to easily maneuver in cleaning your car or RV, but powerful enough and large enough to take care of your home!


James, a simple design that started where most others stopped.



Vacuum Motor Watts 1100W
Vacuum Motor HP 1.5HP
Number Of Speeds 1 Speed
Waterlift 100″
Tank Capacity 2.5 Gallon
Power Cord Length 33 Feet
Sound Level dB(A) 49 dB(A)
Weight (LBS) 12.0000
Filtration .5 Micron @ 98.6% efficiency (with out HepaFlo’ vac bag)
.3 Micron @ 99.75% efficiency (With HepaFlo’ vac bag)
Warranty (Motor & Tank) 2 Years
Warranty (Parts) 2 Years
Warranty (Labor) 2 Years

Additional Information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 18 in