Betco Bright MSP


This product cleans, polishes, and protects fine furniture, woodwork, vinyl, plastic, leather, stainless steel, and Formica®. A multi-purpose product, Betco® Brite easily removes old wax build-up, fills in minor scratches, and rubs out quickly to a clear, bright, hard shine.


Spray triggers are sold separately unless purchased in full case quantities.

(12 quarts/case with 2 sprayers) 


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Product Description

Recommended for use on fine furniture, all woodwork, vinyl, plastic, Formica®, leather and metal. Spray onto flat surface. Wipe immediately with a soft, clean cloth until surface is clean and shiny. For vertical surfaces, or if used next to upholstery, spray directly onto cloth, then polish.

Note: Do not spray or use on floors because it could leave them slippery. Keep container closed during storage. Do not return unused product to original container.


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Betco® Brite MSP Multi-Surface Polish Spec Sheet

CO9313 SDS